From a Mother

“This place has brought out a family spirit in us that we didn’t know was there- from good to great. It’s special, what Mestre Fran does with people, little to big, with parents.. you have to see it to believe it. Both my sons are more confident and capable because of capoeira. And they finally respect something to wear enough to keep it off the floor!”

From an Adult Student

“Best place and best instructors!!! Caring, loving, honest people. You can’t get better than that”

From a Visitor

” I’m visiting from out of town and had a great experience here. Beautiful art and great energy! Axe” –

From an Advanced Student

“Amazing group for both beginners and experienced capoeiristas. The capoeira is great as are the people, and it’s the most welcoming group i’ve ever come across. The best part, though, it’s Mestre Fran, who teaches the classes himself. He’s a phenomenal teacher, has such a positive energy, and treats his students like family”

From a Beginner Student

“I love this place! Such Great Capoeira Masters and students; enthusiasts of the culture that is capoeira. High energy, friendly environment, great fun workout! You never know what to expect and always improving your skill one class, one day at the time! Axe!!”

From a Mini Kids Mom

” A wonderful activity and community! Great for families, especially children to be exposed to culture, music, and martial art that builds confidence and adults for finding stress release through exercise. A positive experience!”

From a Beginner Student

“Mestre Fran has an incredible gift for making his classes fun, challenging, and accessible to beginners.. all at the same time”

From an Intermediate Student

” Capoeira Maculele Decatur gives you the true experience of the culture and history of capoeira. It’s more than a martial art, it is music, dancing, a great workout, therapeutic and most importantly to me, is the history. Capoeira was created by African slaves in Brazil and used to uplift themselves, unite, train and defend from their oppressors! It involves learning to play instruments, learning the language of Portuguese. And so much more, when you come to train with Mestre Fran, you gain so much, and you became family, the Maculele family! None like it! Axe”

From an Advanced Student

” I have trained capoeira off and on for over 10 years, beein in 3 different groups. I love my groups, but Maculele feels like home. There’s great energy and life in Maculele Atlanta”