Welcome to Capoeira Maculelê Decatur Brazilian Art Center

Bem Vindo! Capoeira para toda a família!


Capoeira for preschoolers ages 2 - 4

Acrobatics are combined with Martial Arts, Music and a Healthy amount of fun!


Capo-Kids program ages 5 - 15

It\'s fun, energetic, and engaging and was designed specially for your child


A special program only for the very beginners

If you\'ve ever wanted to start capoeira, this is the place to do it!


Mestre Fran, Dandhara and Mestranda Sara

teach all our programs. Oriented to build strong family relationships!


All classes are lead by Mestre Fran

over 30 years of experience teaching capoeira for kids and adults

  • Capoeira is a Cultural Art

    Capoeira will be one of the most challenging yet enjoyable art forms you’ll ever experience. A unique combination of kicks, acrobatics, dance and live music, capoeira is more than just a martial art.

    At Maculele Capoeira, we've seen how capoeira helps improve confidence, develops discipline, enhances focus, gives students the incentive to make and reach goals, to overcome challenges, encourages community service, and a lot more. We have seen how expressing yourself with movement in different forms has the power to positively affect all areas of our students’ personal and professional lives.

  • A Great Experience

    Maculele Capoeira is committed to show you a life-changing experience through your training at the Academy. We focus on character and leadership development and soon after you start your intro training class our students realize they will get a lot more out of their time spent here.

    Come join us in a life changing experience that will help you discover what you are capable.

  • The Learning Process

    At Maculele Capoeira, we pride ourselves on helping our students progress as quickly and effectively as possible and reaching a high level of excellence and commitment to the art form, also, we give the opportunity to train directly with other students that are also committed to it.

    When students first join they immediately become part of a community of artists that love the art and training seriously. They will experience a family like environment and a supportive group of people. Students learn to achieve and set up goals. They learn no to give up. Come join us and learn a fun way to develop this skills.